Kegs In Stock!

We carry a large variety of kegs from specialty beers to classic favorites!  We also have access to a great many more!  Please free to ask for something that is not on the list!  All prices listed are Best Price available.  List and pricing is subject to change without notice.

Kegs In Stock

 Item   On Hand   Best Beer price 
Miller Lite 1/4 Barrel174.99
Miller Lite 1/2 Barrel1129.99
Mich Gold Keg 1/2 Light1129.99
Leinie 1/6 Summer Shandy279.99
Coors Keg 1/4 Light479.99
Coors Keg 1/2 Light3129.99
Bud Keg 1/4 Light479.99
Boulevard 1/6 Wheat474.99
Blue Moon 1/6 Belgian White274.99
New Belgium 1/2 Fat Tire1169.99
Lucky Bucket 1/6 Raven IPA299.99
Kona Brewing 1/6 Big Wave 173.59
Surly 1/6 Todd The Axe Man3119.99
Brickway 1/6 Epic Blackout 2179.99
Oskar Blues 1/6 IPA284.99
Stone 1/6 Xocoveza1154.99
Bell's 1/4 Arabicadabra1147.99
Dogfish Head 1/6 Burton1199.99
Dogfish Head 1/6 60 Minute1119.99
Remedy 1/6 Nonsense IPA299.99
Boulevard 1/6 Linkin Up Hop182.99
Boulevard 1/2 Wheat2174.99
Redstone 1/6 Apple Nectar2169.99
Redstone 1/6 Raspberry Nectar1169.99
Dark Horse 1/6 Jam Session1103.99
Hydra 1/6 Pagan Chocolate Port187.99
Boulevard 1/6 BB Quad1147.99
New Belgium 1/6 Accumulation277.99
Uinta 1/6 West Coast IPA183.99
White Elm 1/6 Abuel Con Cafe193.99
Bank 1/6 Hop Lab Blue1109.99
Odell 1/4 Isolation1113.99
Odell 1/2 Cloud Catcher1275.99
Dogfish Head 1/6 61 Minute1111.99
Fair State 1/6 Spirit Foul1119.99
Crow Peak 1/6 Thors Hammer2100.99
Surly 1/2 Abrasive1283.99
Lakefront 1/6 East Side Dark287.99
Fulton 1/4 Double Dry Hop 3002169.99
Fulton 1/4 War and Peace1193.99
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