How To Get Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon

pappyI often tell the story about how, not so long ago, we used to have stacks of PVW and other allocated bourbons stacked up in our backroom. Interest was there among our core customers, but the market, as a whole, really hadn't grasped the unique nature of these fine bourbons. Literally... stacks. That was then. Now, we are fortunate to get a small amount of these highly sought after bottles. 
Keep in mind that in spite of the smallness of the allocations we are receiving, we still get more of these allocated whiskies than any other retailer in Sioux Falls, because we have always been on board with how good and special they are. The problem is, there are just more people interested, and deserving, of bottles, so there is less to go around. The following criteria move you up on the allocated items list, but only once we know that you are interested. So just let us know you are interested, and then... 
  • Live locally in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area - We like to take care of the people that live here and shop locally owned retail stores. We will never sell any of these allocated bottles to people that live out of state. (Our neighbors in NW Iowa and SW Minnesota are included.)
  • Buy our single barrel whiskies and express an interest in quality whiskies that aren't the highly allocated bottles. Our single barrel spirits are the most uniques expression of quality you can find. Each barrel is hand selected, by me, and once a bottling is gone, it is never to return. Talk about unique? They will be making Pappy Van Winkle for many years to come, once our hand-selected single barrel spirits are gone, they can never be duplicated. YOU MUST PURCHASE AT LEAST ONE BOTTLE OF OUR SINGLE BARREL OFFERINGS TO BE INCLUDED ON THE LIST. If you are not sure you have or not, just ask us!
  • Shop at JJ's for your other adult beverage needs. We factor everything into our allocation decision. We also include how much you spend on beer, wine and other fine spirits. And as a JJ's VIP Rewards Member you are always guaranteed the most competitive price and awesome rewards, just for taking the time to visit our little corner.
  • You cannot have received a Van Winkle bottle for at least 5 years. Meaning, you are elegible for other allocated whiskies, but if you have gotten a Van Winkle Bottle in the last two years, you will NOT be able to select from those bottles.

Points are collected and depleted as follows...

  • Total Number of Visits to JJ's - times a factor of 2
  • Total number of bottles of Single Barrel Bourbons you have purchased cumulatively times a factor of 100 points per bottle.
  • Total Number of bottles of bourbon you have purchased in total
  • Total dollars spent at JJ's - times a factor of .05 (meaning total dollars spent is not a huge factor, but it does matter to a point.
  • LESS a point value for allocated bourbon bottles you have been allotted in the past. The higher the demand of the bottle, the higher the point deduction when you get one.
  • The cutoff for point collection is 10/31. All points roll over to next year!

Above all... Send me emails, send me texts... shop! We love to talk about bourbon, gin, cocktails and wine. The more you engage us in conversation, the more you will learn about ALL of the awesome things readily available in our store. You will also be surprised as to how much those highly sought whiskies become less and less interesting, once you realize that there is a lot more good stuff out there.