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2014Jean-Marc Brocard ChablisChablis, FranceIN STOCK31.9927.1925.59
2014Drouhin-Vaudon Chablis PCChablis, FranceIN STOCK47.4940.3637.99
2013Kenwood Cabernet SplitSonoma County, CaliforniaIN STOCK5.995.094.79
2013Kenwood Chardonnay SplitSonoma Valley, CaliforniaIN STOCK5.995.094.79
2012Kenwood "Jack London" ZinfandeSonoma County, CaliforinaIN STOCK31.9927.1925.59
2013Shafer Relentless 2013Napa Valley, CaliforniaIN STOCK109.9993.4987.99
2015Kokomo Pinot Noir Gopher HillRussian River Valley, CaliforniaLOW STOCK47.4940.3637.99
2014Stasis Pinot NoirSanta Maria Valley, CaliforniaIN STOCK43.4936.9634.79
Strawbale Homesteader RedSouth DakotaIN STOCK31.9927.1925.59
2014Cooper & Thief Red BlendCaliforniaIN STOCK29.9925.4923.99
2015Mark West Pinot GrigioCaliforniaIN STOCK9.998.497.99
2015Torres 5G GarnachasSpainIN STOCK11.9910.199.59
2014Maddalena Pinot GrigioMonterey, CaliforniaIN STOCK14.9912.7411.99
2014Balletto Pinot NoirRussian River Valley, CaliforniaLOW STOCK32.4927.6125.99
2013Balletto Pinot GrisRussian River Valley, CaliforniaIN STOCK19.9916.9915.99
2012Balletto ZinfandelRussian River Valley, CaliforniaIN STOCK33.4928.4626.79
2013Paul Hobbs Chardonnay EJRussian River Valley, CaliforniaLOW STOCK99.9984.9979.99
2013Paul Hobbs CabernetNapa Valley, CaliforniaLOW STOCK137.49116.86109.99
2012Paul Hobbs Cabernet To KalonNapa Valley, CaliforniaIN STOCK499.99424.99399.99
2014Balletto Pinot Noir - SextonRussian River Valley, CaliforniaIN STOCK62.4953.1149.99
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